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Monday, September 14, 2009

Welcome to my beloved blog!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello dear….

My name is Nor Atikah Binti Abu Zarim. Everyone in my family likes to call me ‘arfern’. My real name was given by my grandfather. He says that “NOR ATIKAH” is the person who is generous. But my nickname was given by my cousin. She’s name is Norhaliza. She likes to call me arfeRn because she says that I am like her friend when she was study at Cambridge College. When she sees me she always remembers her friends “arfern” so that is why until now everybody in my family call me afern.

I am the daughter of Mr.Abu Zarim Bin Abu Hashim and Mrs. Nor Hayati Binti Abas. You also want to know where I was born right?? I was born at the Big Hospital of Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Klang Selangor. I was born on 10 April 1988. Here I want to tell u all that something funny when I was born. The story is the true story from my parents. My mum is very easy want to birth me. Dad said that my mum really like to hold when she want to give birth her children. When the doctor and nurse want to take my mum to the trolley I just came out suddenly very fast and I felt down at the trolley. Hahhahahahaha
I think if the trolley is not there maybe I can’t see this world until now. That is why my friends joking with me that I am crazy. Hahhahahahahah. But thank you for my beloved mummy. U are my LOVELY MUM!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE U SO MUCH MUM!!!!!! THANK YOU BECAUSE U NEVER SAYS THAT U ARE TIRED TAKE CARE OF ME UNTIL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Next is about my dad. He is very straight person and smart person. My dad is the pensioner. He is the headmaster of the standard school in Selangor before this. His really concentrate when doing his work and all people who knows him will respect and appreciate him. He also really loves me and always gives me what that I want. My brothers and sisters really jealous with me because my dad always gives me many things that I want rather than them. Hahahahah

If u all wants to know I have 5 siblings. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters and I am the youngest. I really closed with them and sometimes we all like fighting because of the stupid things. My older brother and sister already married. My sister has 3 children and my brother have one baby girl. So now I already have 2 nieces and 2 nephews. I really love them because I don’t have young sister or young brother, so when I go back my hometown, I will spend my time with them. I really love them because they all are too cute and sweet for me. They make my life better and colorful.

Last but not least, is about my hobbies. That are surfing internet, reading books, playing basketball, camping and cooking. I want to be lecturer because I want to be like my dad. Teach people and share with them. But if I will not to be lecturer I want to be business woman because I like money. Hahahha… I want to open big and famous restaurant. I will cook delicious meal for my customer that is why I like to cook. But the important are I want to be success person and I want to build one bungalows for my family especially for my mum and dad. I want to send them by using my own money. I hope God will help me.
That is finish that I want to tell u all about myself that I can share and if I have more story I will upgrade it. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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