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Monday, September 14, 2009

eSSay 2 : This two people mean a lot to me!

Even I have boyfriends, but mum and dad are different for me. I can’t imagine if I lost both of them because I really love them more than I love myself. My parents are everything for me. I really closed with them and I am the youngest children in my family. That is why I really closed with them.

First of all I want to tell about my father. My father name is Abu Zarim Bin Abu Hashim. He is already 62 years old. He is pensioner. Before this he works as headmaster in the primary school. He is really hardworking person, smart, straight, and punctual person. When he does his work his really serious and nobody can not argue what he does. Now he already retired so he was so bored at home. He really like fishing with his friends or with my brothers. He say when he saw the sea he feel freedom and peace. That is why sometimes if he go for one until 3 days then he will go back home. He really obsess when he start fishing. He also funny man that really make me crazy. When he starts joking I will become crazy and my mum also cannot stop us. I also have same blood and same stomach like my dad. U wants to know why??? Because when I want to go to toilet at the same time my father also want to go the toilet. Then, we will fighting each other that who will go first, but always his win because he said that he just take a few minutes.”But he is liar”. He will take time. Hhahahahhaha!!!!!!!!!!! We all really funny right. When I just come back to my hometown he will say that I am really tired. Hmm that point I know what did he want me to do. He just want pampered with me. He want I massage his body because he said that I really good in doing massage. hahhahahhaha!!!! My dad also likes any food that I can make for him rather than my sisters cook. hehehehe. My dad said that I can be my mum, good in cooking, cleaning house, massage and everything like my mum. I am so proud when dad said like that because I really want to be my mum because for me my mum is the perfect woman. That is why now I try to learn many things from my mum.

Next I need to tell about my mum. She is the best mum in the world. My mum name is Nor Hayati Binti Abas. She is 57 years old. She is hardworking person. All works in the house she want to do by herself. Even she is only housewife but she always busy to make her family happy and complete. She also really good in cooking, sometimes she doing catering business, but she not feeling very well because she have problem about her lung that will make she feel tired sometimes. That is why I am so sad when I am thinking about my mum and my dad. My mum is the sporting woman. Why I said like that, because my entire secret my mum should know even I have problem with my boyfriend and my friends. She likes to share story with me, give me advice and teach me many knowledge to be a great woman. I am liar if I told u all that my mum never feels angry at me. People who name is mum really like to talkative with her children because she wants us to be a good person in this adventures world. I have a lot of experience with my mum because I always stay long at home rather than my brothers and sisters.

Mum and dad I really miss u and I really love both of u. I can’t imagine if u all leave me. I really pampered with them. Even I am already 21 years old and I still hug and kiss my mum and dad and sleep with them. People in the outside, u should appreciate your parents or your guardian that take care of you from the baby until now. I really love my parents and I don’t think that I can sacrifice like they gave at me. Their sacrifice is too much for me. I can’t count how many loves that they gave at me and I also cannot reply all the sacrifice that I have. They all are the special value and high value that I can’t count or I can’t differentiate them each other. They gave me what I want and take care of me even I am far from them. Mum and dad u are the persons that I can’t forget both of u until I die. Thank you because loving me and take care of me. I really appreciate it and I will do the best for u to be a good person. I LOVE U MUMMY!!!!!!!!I LOVE U DADDY!!!!!!!THANK YOU AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING THAT U GAVE AT ME!

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