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Monday, September 14, 2009

Welcome to my beloved blog!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello dear….

My name is Nor Atikah Binti Abu Zarim. Everyone in my family likes to call me ‘arfern’. My real name was given by my grandfather. He says that “NOR ATIKAH” is the person who is generous. But my nickname was given by my cousin. She’s name is Norhaliza. She likes to call me arfeRn because she says that I am like her friend when she was study at Cambridge College. When she sees me she always remembers her friends “arfern” so that is why until now everybody in my family call me afern.

I am the daughter of Mr.Abu Zarim Bin Abu Hashim and Mrs. Nor Hayati Binti Abas. You also want to know where I was born right?? I was born at the Big Hospital of Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Klang Selangor. I was born on 10 April 1988. Here I want to tell u all that something funny when I was born. The story is the true story from my parents. My mum is very easy want to birth me. Dad said that my mum really like to hold when she want to give birth her children. When the doctor and nurse want to take my mum to the trolley I just came out suddenly very fast and I felt down at the trolley. Hahhahahahaha
I think if the trolley is not there maybe I can’t see this world until now. That is why my friends joking with me that I am crazy. Hahhahahahahah. But thank you for my beloved mummy. U are my LOVELY MUM!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE U SO MUCH MUM!!!!!! THANK YOU BECAUSE U NEVER SAYS THAT U ARE TIRED TAKE CARE OF ME UNTIL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Next is about my dad. He is very straight person and smart person. My dad is the pensioner. He is the headmaster of the standard school in Selangor before this. His really concentrate when doing his work and all people who knows him will respect and appreciate him. He also really loves me and always gives me what that I want. My brothers and sisters really jealous with me because my dad always gives me many things that I want rather than them. Hahahahah

If u all wants to know I have 5 siblings. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters and I am the youngest. I really closed with them and sometimes we all like fighting because of the stupid things. My older brother and sister already married. My sister has 3 children and my brother have one baby girl. So now I already have 2 nieces and 2 nephews. I really love them because I don’t have young sister or young brother, so when I go back my hometown, I will spend my time with them. I really love them because they all are too cute and sweet for me. They make my life better and colorful.

Last but not least, is about my hobbies. That are surfing internet, reading books, playing basketball, camping and cooking. I want to be lecturer because I want to be like my dad. Teach people and share with them. But if I will not to be lecturer I want to be business woman because I like money. Hahahha… I want to open big and famous restaurant. I will cook delicious meal for my customer that is why I like to cook. But the important are I want to be success person and I want to build one bungalows for my family especially for my mum and dad. I want to send them by using my own money. I hope God will help me.
That is finish that I want to tell u all about myself that I can share and if I have more story I will upgrade it. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ARTICLE 1 : FLU SIGNS; That back-of-the-bus plan will not work

M.G., Kuala Lumpur
I REFER to the report, "Drivers play a vital role" (NST, Sept 5), in which public transport drivers and conductors were urged to take the necessary precautionary measures to prevent the spread of influenza A (H1N1) among their passengers, especially if there are passengers displaying flu-like symptoms in the bus.
Besides those displaying obvious symptoms of flu, there may be those among the passengers who may be incubating the disease (during the period between being infected and before the symptoms show up) and immune carriers who show no obvious signs of the disease but may nevertheless be shedding the flu virus.

In air-conditioned buses that ply intercity routes, the same air is re-circulated among the passengers throughout the bus several times before it is gradually replaced with fresh air.

Any virus shed by an infected passenger in the bus will be quickly spread throughout the bus -- thereby exposing others in it to infection.

The use of masks should be made compulsory.

It may not always be practical to isolate passengers with obvious flu-like symptoms at the back of the bus with two rows left vacant in front and behind the infected passengers, especially during the balik kampung period when most or all seats are occupied.

Making it compulsory for all passengers to wear approved face masks may be a better option to prevent the spread of flu in buses and other public-transport vehicles.

From my opinion, the big disease of HINI is really dangerous and we should aware of that especially who have flu of cough and fever. Those who have this kind of pain better go to take medical from the doctor. The important thing for all the people in the world should use masks and that is compulsory that is to prevent us from the HINI. “PREVENT IS BETTER THAN CURE”.

ARTICLE 2 : TRENDS; Ways to network successfully

Chandra Devi Renganayar
IF you use the Internet, chances are you are in a social network or two.
According to ComScore, more than 600 million active users frequent social networks, blogging and photo sharing sites.
A study conducted by Synovate of 15- to 24-year-olds in Asia commissioned by Microsoft found that young Asians are spending an average of almost five hours a day online. This number goes up to nearly seven hours in countries such as Singapore (6.8 hours), Taiwan (6.8 hours) and Malaysia (6.7 hours).
But if you have not jumped on the social networking bandwagon, here are some tips to help you become a successful social butterfly online.

Be selective

There are more social networks out there than you can imagine, and there’s no way you will have the time to be involved in all of them.
Explore some of the key choices on the Web, such as Facebook, Ning, LinkedIn, Twitter,, Flickr, Friendster and Picasa Web.
Then ask yourself: What do I want to get out of this? Do I want to make friends? Do I want to promote my music or art? Do I just want a platform for sharing ideas?
If you want to do all of the above, do consider Windows Live home page, Facebook, MySpace or Friendster.

Stay focused
If you have chosen to sign up with more than one social network, signing in to all of them daily to keep track of the latest updates is likely to wear you out.

Who are you?
People like to put a face to a name. Put up an eye-catching photo of yourself and share some details about yourself on your profile. But overdoing it might just earn you a cyber-stalker or two.
So be smart about the personal information you put out there and manage your privacy settings well.

Stay active
Make sure you engage your friends regularly and take part in discussions, update your status and give your two cents’ worth every now and then.
You don’t want to drop off the face of the online universe. On the flip side, don’t overload your friends with links, messages, comments and content or you will be deemed a spammer.

Have fun!
Social networking should be fun. Keep it simple!
Aggregating your social networks is a great start. After all, this is about making friends, socializing and sharing interests.

For me internet is the big network that we need to explore. Even I like to surf internet everyday but I don’t think that is enough to me to know about internet yet. We need to learn something new that will make us know about the changes and new technology in this world. Why we must to know and to explore it?? That is because we need to know like other people to be the same lines like them and they cannot trick or play with us.

ARTICLE 3 : EDUCATION; The music is getting fainter


ALKUT, Kota Baru
JOE Chelliah of Seremban has highlighted a very serious problem with our education system.
The emphasis given to the examination subjects at the expense of non-examination subjects can have serious repercussions on our society.

In their enthusiasm to collect As in examinations, many school administrators have lost sight of the actual philosophy behind our National Education Policy.

Many non-examination subjects, including the Arts, which do not contribute to the As but are actually essential to the social and cultural development of the child, have been relegated to the status of second-class subjects.

This is perhaps one of the reasons why many of our people -- though highly educated in their own fields -- are selfish, coarse, lacking in finesse, empathy, creativity, teamwork spirit and other elements essential to a cross-cultural country like ours.

Educational administrators need to be reminded that schools have a fundamental obligation to provide the students with these tools.

Not implementing the syllabus as required by National Education Policy should be considered as an act of sabotage.

As Chelliah points out, in many schools, music is hardly taught according to the syllabus. The only time the schools are seriously involved in music is when there is a compulsory music competition or events that require some sort of musical performance.

For the rest of the time, music is ignored and left to the devices of the music teachers.

In the hands of a good music teacher, there should be sounds of music, singing, movements, playing of instruments and laughter.

Music should be a fun time. But for most schools, this is not true.

Part of the fault lies with the music teachers themselves.

Many are ill-equipped and do not have the basic musical skills to teach. In some schools however, trained and skilled teachers in music are often reassigned to other subjects of more importance.

In their places are teachers with no knowledge or musical skills.

These teachers are there just to fill in the timetable. Many music classes are at the mercy of such teachers.

The general assumption is that any teacher can teach music as it is a non-examination subject.

Try walking around some of the primary schools in your neighbourhood. Do you hear faint, distant sounds of music, singing, noise or laughter coming from the music room or the classes? Probably not.

If music is taught at all, it would be a silent job. Many of the music teachers would probably be doing theory, i.e copying of musical notes, with occasional singing using CDs or cassettes. A random check would also reveal that the Year Six classes for music have probably been replaced by examination subjects.

In some schools, it starts as early as Year Five. It is sad, but this is the reality of music in many of our schools.

According to this article, I really agree if all the school in Malaysia have co-curriculum and additional subject for their students. That is not to only for enjoy but we need to appreciate the music. We need to feel happy, freedom and enjoy in our life. Actually for the children when they all are growing up we need to support them and give they time to feel the real meaning of music. The last but not least,music classes should be a time of fun for students

eSSay 1 : My journey after SPM..

All people have their own memory that they want to share with others or not.
I have many story about my title.. After SPM I just seat at home and make my body more health until like now (very chubby) haahhahahaha. That are my father rule… he don’t want all his children work after SPM because he thought that when we get money by working we don’t want to further study. At the first I am so sad because I really bored at home and I want to get an experience like my friends. I am really jealous with them because they got many experience rather than me but what can I do… as my father daughter I need to hear what he said. Am I right???
Hmmmm sitting at home, eat, sleep, reading books, tourist,, surfing net, shopping…… huh so bored. I am waiting patiently until I got offer from Polytechnic Kulim Kedah sitting course of business study. I am really happy that time because I can go out from my state. Oh my god!! I really happy that time. That is my dream. U knows why?? Because before this I never stay at hostel and far from my family. Actually I also got offer when I am at high school but my father don’t want give me the permission to stay at the hostel because he said that I am the youngest and he want to spend his time with me. Yeah… so sad when he said like that. But he also said that I can further study when I am complete my high school certificate. So in July 2006 my father send me to Kulim Kedah. In the journey my parents really sad because they said that they never feel like this because they all always stay with me about 17 years old. I am liar if I am said that I m not crying when they want to go back Shah Alam. For the first time I saw my dad really cried until his face become red. At the same time my mother told me that she still hope that I can further my study at UiTM like my sister. I just said, we just pray together that I have an offer from them.
The week of orientation they really make me tired, but that is what I want. Be a good person, patient, and adventurer. Everyday my parents call me and ask many things. I am so funny and sad also hehehehhe. Of course I am their youngest children! In my college I have a lot of friends. They came from Sabah, Sarawak, Kelantan, Terengganu, Penang and etc. I am really happy because I got many friends. We eat together, make a conversation and do assignment together. I was really happy in this college. Here also I can speak their mother languages like “kelantaniest people. I am so proud that god gives me more friends to know and appreciate our life. I am really closed with all of my friends there. We hang out together, shopping together and study together. I am really enjoying study here even I am very far from my family about 6 to 7 hours to reach my home at shah alam from Kulim.
When the half of my study there, my sister calling me and she said that I got second offer to continue my study in Pre-Commerce at UiTM Terengganu. At the first impression, I don’t want to accept that offer because I already suitable study in this Polytechnic. Unfortunately, when my mum call me and she said that she really want I accept that offer and she said that Uitm Certificate is better than Polytechnic. That is my mother open minded. I thought that I am so young and better if we heard what our parents want. For mum, I make the decision to continue my study at UiTM.
Even I got a new offer but I still continue my study at Polytechnic until finish the final exam for that semester. That is because I want to know my level of standard. That is really challenging, because I just have 10 days to prepare to go UiTM Terengganu. Leave Polytechnic really make me sad and challenging. Yeah because I have a lot of friends and they said that don’t go! I really sad and I were cried when the last day there.
I really miss them until now and I love my friends there so much!
Intake December 2007, I enter to study in UiTM Terengganu taking Pre-Commerce. Here not many friends like Polytechnic. I am just bored here because of the environment there make me uncomfortable. Luckily I just spent time to study here about 4 month and then they will take us to continue our study in Diploma course that we already choose. After the 4 months we get the result. I get an offer to continue my Diploma study in Business Study Insurance at UiTM Alor Gajah Melaka. Intake July 2007, I just continue study here with a new friends and open new life here. Went to many place make me more experience and I have a lot of information that I can share with my friends and my family. Thank you mum and dad. U all are everything for me and my lovely forever. Without them and their supported I can’t understand meaning of life and to be independent person.. so to all of my friends appreciate your life and make it your life happiness and adventures.

eSSay 2 : This two people mean a lot to me!

Even I have boyfriends, but mum and dad are different for me. I can’t imagine if I lost both of them because I really love them more than I love myself. My parents are everything for me. I really closed with them and I am the youngest children in my family. That is why I really closed with them.

First of all I want to tell about my father. My father name is Abu Zarim Bin Abu Hashim. He is already 62 years old. He is pensioner. Before this he works as headmaster in the primary school. He is really hardworking person, smart, straight, and punctual person. When he does his work his really serious and nobody can not argue what he does. Now he already retired so he was so bored at home. He really like fishing with his friends or with my brothers. He say when he saw the sea he feel freedom and peace. That is why sometimes if he go for one until 3 days then he will go back home. He really obsess when he start fishing. He also funny man that really make me crazy. When he starts joking I will become crazy and my mum also cannot stop us. I also have same blood and same stomach like my dad. U wants to know why??? Because when I want to go to toilet at the same time my father also want to go the toilet. Then, we will fighting each other that who will go first, but always his win because he said that he just take a few minutes.”But he is liar”. He will take time. Hhahahahhaha!!!!!!!!!!! We all really funny right. When I just come back to my hometown he will say that I am really tired. Hmm that point I know what did he want me to do. He just want pampered with me. He want I massage his body because he said that I really good in doing massage. hahhahahhaha!!!! My dad also likes any food that I can make for him rather than my sisters cook. hehehehe. My dad said that I can be my mum, good in cooking, cleaning house, massage and everything like my mum. I am so proud when dad said like that because I really want to be my mum because for me my mum is the perfect woman. That is why now I try to learn many things from my mum.

Next I need to tell about my mum. She is the best mum in the world. My mum name is Nor Hayati Binti Abas. She is 57 years old. She is hardworking person. All works in the house she want to do by herself. Even she is only housewife but she always busy to make her family happy and complete. She also really good in cooking, sometimes she doing catering business, but she not feeling very well because she have problem about her lung that will make she feel tired sometimes. That is why I am so sad when I am thinking about my mum and my dad. My mum is the sporting woman. Why I said like that, because my entire secret my mum should know even I have problem with my boyfriend and my friends. She likes to share story with me, give me advice and teach me many knowledge to be a great woman. I am liar if I told u all that my mum never feels angry at me. People who name is mum really like to talkative with her children because she wants us to be a good person in this adventures world. I have a lot of experience with my mum because I always stay long at home rather than my brothers and sisters.

Mum and dad I really miss u and I really love both of u. I can’t imagine if u all leave me. I really pampered with them. Even I am already 21 years old and I still hug and kiss my mum and dad and sleep with them. People in the outside, u should appreciate your parents or your guardian that take care of you from the baby until now. I really love my parents and I don’t think that I can sacrifice like they gave at me. Their sacrifice is too much for me. I can’t count how many loves that they gave at me and I also cannot reply all the sacrifice that I have. They all are the special value and high value that I can’t count or I can’t differentiate them each other. They gave me what I want and take care of me even I am far from them. Mum and dad u are the persons that I can’t forget both of u until I die. Thank you because loving me and take care of me. I really appreciate it and I will do the best for u to be a good person. I LOVE U MUMMY!!!!!!!!I LOVE U DADDY!!!!!!!THANK YOU AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING THAT U GAVE AT ME!

eSSaY 3 : TISSOT WATCH??!!!!


On the 24 June 2009, the memory that I can’t forget and I will always to remember. The story just like this… that day my boyfriend calling me and say that he want invite me to go to survey my wrist watch. He just say that we just survey what brand of watch that I want but not to buy it at the same time because he said that he must to budget first… he knows already that I like the brand of SWISS ARMY but he said that the watch for girl in this brand not many choices and not fit with what I want. Actually I want the shape of watch is square, have stopwatch, water resistant 30m water resistant at least, sapphire crystal, stainless steel, bracelet and SWISS MADE. First destination we went to the Pavilion. We survey all the watches shop there. I just interested with the one shop that is Watatime. I like the brand of SWISS ARMY but I am disappointed because that watch doesn’t have stopwatch and the colour is not fit with me. My boyfriend just smile at me and he say that I must make a good decision because he don’t want me regret what I already choose later.

After we went to pavilion, my boyfriend said that he want to see the watch at Sunway Pyramid. This time I really confused because he really obsess about my watch. I asking him ” why I need to give confirmation now because the watch is not really important and my guess watch still good”. He just answer “I don’t want u make mistake because I really satisfied if I can give the watch that u are dream”. When we reach Sunway Pyramid, we go to the big watch shop there. This time I feel like crazy because my boyfriend said “actually I already choose this watch for u (that is TISSOT brand) but I don’t know that u like or not if u likes it I can buy it now. I said oh my god! That is crazy!! U just makes joking with me!! I feel like want to scream that time. He calls the salesgirl there to make me try that watch, I just silent and cant say anything because that watch really perfect, expensive and really beautiful for me. When the girl fit it to my hand I really can’t say anything. That is so perfect!! My boyfriends ask me “u like it??” I just said I can’t say anything that is so perfect! He just smiling and directly give the money to pay it and he want me use it at that time. I really surprise that time and he says that I just make surprise to u!!!! I hope u happy with this watch. You all can imagine what my impression that time??!!. After that we went to eat the big burger at Carl’s Junior because he said that he really hungry. But me, I can’t eat the burger because of this watch. I really exited because that is my first time in my hand is the TISSOT WATCH which cost about RM1.5K. In the restaurant I just see the watch again and again because these watch so perfect!! Fit with what I want, stopwatch, sapphire crystal, 30m water resistant, square, pearl colour, stainless steel and that is TISSOT BRAND AND SWISS MADE BRO!! THANK U MY DEAR U ARE REALLY MAKE ME HAPPY. I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!!