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Monday, September 14, 2009

eSSaY 3 : TISSOT WATCH??!!!!


On the 24 June 2009, the memory that I can’t forget and I will always to remember. The story just like this… that day my boyfriend calling me and say that he want invite me to go to survey my wrist watch. He just say that we just survey what brand of watch that I want but not to buy it at the same time because he said that he must to budget first… he knows already that I like the brand of SWISS ARMY but he said that the watch for girl in this brand not many choices and not fit with what I want. Actually I want the shape of watch is square, have stopwatch, water resistant 30m water resistant at least, sapphire crystal, stainless steel, bracelet and SWISS MADE. First destination we went to the Pavilion. We survey all the watches shop there. I just interested with the one shop that is Watatime. I like the brand of SWISS ARMY but I am disappointed because that watch doesn’t have stopwatch and the colour is not fit with me. My boyfriend just smile at me and he say that I must make a good decision because he don’t want me regret what I already choose later.

After we went to pavilion, my boyfriend said that he want to see the watch at Sunway Pyramid. This time I really confused because he really obsess about my watch. I asking him ” why I need to give confirmation now because the watch is not really important and my guess watch still good”. He just answer “I don’t want u make mistake because I really satisfied if I can give the watch that u are dream”. When we reach Sunway Pyramid, we go to the big watch shop there. This time I feel like crazy because my boyfriend said “actually I already choose this watch for u (that is TISSOT brand) but I don’t know that u like or not if u likes it I can buy it now. I said oh my god! That is crazy!! U just makes joking with me!! I feel like want to scream that time. He calls the salesgirl there to make me try that watch, I just silent and cant say anything because that watch really perfect, expensive and really beautiful for me. When the girl fit it to my hand I really can’t say anything. That is so perfect!! My boyfriends ask me “u like it??” I just said I can’t say anything that is so perfect! He just smiling and directly give the money to pay it and he want me use it at that time. I really surprise that time and he says that I just make surprise to u!!!! I hope u happy with this watch. You all can imagine what my impression that time??!!. After that we went to eat the big burger at Carl’s Junior because he said that he really hungry. But me, I can’t eat the burger because of this watch. I really exited because that is my first time in my hand is the TISSOT WATCH which cost about RM1.5K. In the restaurant I just see the watch again and again because these watch so perfect!! Fit with what I want, stopwatch, sapphire crystal, 30m water resistant, square, pearl colour, stainless steel and that is TISSOT BRAND AND SWISS MADE BRO!! THANK U MY DEAR U ARE REALLY MAKE ME HAPPY. I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!!

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